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finding your property at preferred Dutch location

Our Services

You are looking to buy or rent property in Holland. We help you to reach this goal in the most cost effective way.

We are not a real estate agent, but will find the best trustworthy Dutch specialist for your specific needs if that is required. We can also help you directly to find the property you need, if it is a straightforward question that only requires help from a person that understands the Dutch market.

We mainly work on a no cure no pay basis, as we believe in our capabilities and as most of our clients prefer this model.

Our only company mission is to help our clients find the right property on the Dutch market. Directly, or through estate agents.

Please let us know your requirement and we will be happy to let you know how we can help and what the costs may be.


The Dutch Property Market

The Dutch property market is quit transparent, both in terms of pricing, as in terms of availability. Prices for rentals and ownership are rising again, after a decline since 2008. This is true for both commercial and residential property. 

Property ownership is allowed by foreign nationals and legal foreign entities. Of course The Netherlands is part of the EU, which makes it easy for other EU nationals and companies to establish themselves.

House prices are rising, especially in the Amsterdam area. Office space at a1 locations have not suffered much from the credit crisis and the best spots (Southern Amsterdam, Central Rotterdam) have limited vacancies.

Prices at the best locations are nowhere near prices in Central London, Manhattan or Paris.

Finding property

Area of expertise

We have extensive experience in finding both commercial and non-commercial property in The Netherlands. It may be time consuming, but it is not an art, you just need to know what you look for and where and how to find it!

Where we help:

  • We help define the requirements (location, price, type, etc.)
  • We help companies that want to enter the Dutch market find their first office.
  • Distributors to find warehousing space.
  • Retailers to find retail space.
  • Investors find investment grade property
  • People that want a second home on an Amsterdam canal the right property.

In some cases we help to find partners to sell Dutch property.  

We speak Dutch, English, Spanish and German, so can be a very good intermediary between the Dutch market and you..